Naturopathy and Holistic Health Care

As a center aiming for complete wellness to find balance within your mind, body and spirit, Cornerstone Counseling is fortunate to share space with Dr. Jeannie Causey, LPN, CNHP, ND of Manna of Life Wellness.

Manna Of Life Wellness, LLC offers naturalistic wellness assessments and services designed to address the whole person while still considering individual uniqueness by specifically tailoring to individualized health and wellness lifestyle needs,  provided in a professional yet caring atmosphere.

Dr. Causey provides services such as:

 -Bach Flower Assessments


-Iridiology (basic)


-Food Wellness Scans

–Essential Oils

-Emotional  Release

-Ionized foot detoxification

-Raindrop Technique.

Raindrop is a unique modality utilizing specific high quality, organic essential oils applied in a sequential manner.  This modality supports general balance to the body while supporting the body’s innate detoxing ability.

Please contact (225) 572-3376 or visit to learn more about her services and scheduling appointments.